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What is ACCrobat?

ACCrobat is a tool that takes .MAF file uploads from The Cancer Genome Atlas' database of tumor data. It parses, transforms, and analyzes the data and then posts it for easy access.


Built on Python and Django, this app uses internal scripts to do the heavy lifting for you.

Web Hosted

Designed for easy access for everyone, we host ACCrobat on Python Anywhere for fast, web-based analysis.


Using SnpEff to annotate and analyze, the tumor data is quickly summarized and graphed.

How Do I Do This?

When designing ACCrobat, the goal was to make tumor data analysis easy and fast.

Step 1:

Get Your Data.

Navigate to The Cancer Genome Atlas Data Portal and grab some tumor data.

The data you download must be in the .MAF format.

Step 2:

Run The Analysis.

Click Get Started and then + New Analysis once you login.

Upload the data you previously downloaded, Add your title and description, then click Analyze.

Step 3:

See Your Results.

The page will redirect you to the results of your analysis.

You'll be able to see your original file, the transformed .VCF file, the annotated .VCF, and the output graphs as well.