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About Me

Hello! My name is Colby and I am an applied mathematician, data scientist, and computational biologist. As a life-long learner and big nerd, I have interests in many areas from machine learning to disease research and more. When I'm not researching or working, I am a pianist, video gamer, and Jeopardy addict.

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My Skills and Interests

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

My passion. I have studied Statistical Modeling, Operations Research, Optimization, Forecasting, Complex Algebra, Logic, Financial Modeling, and many other areas of Mathematics.

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning and Visualization are my specialties. From the Computer Science world to the land of Business, I've consulted in many areas of Data Science from companies in fields like Utilities/Energy, IT Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Building Management, and much much more.

Genetics, Bioinformatics, & Computational Biology

I study genetics as it relates to human disease. I also have an interest in pharmacology and drug mechanics. My studies have included MERS, MPS IIIB, Adrenocortical Carcinoma, Antiretroviral Drugs, and more. I also am working in algorithmic/process optimization as it relates to genetic alignments.

Programming & Design

I have used many computing languages from functional and object-oriented to markup languages.

    Coding Experience:
  • Analytical: R, Perl, Python, SAS
  • Database: SQL
  • Markup and Web: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, LaTeX

Contact Me

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Colby Ford

Alt. Email: cford38@uncc.edu