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I'm Colby T. Ford, Ph.D.

I'm a Computational Biomathematician and Data Scientist. I have a passion for Mathematics and Genomics research. So, I use Machine Learning and Visual Analytics to help along the way.

Originally from Lenoir, North Carolina, I studied Applied Mathematics, Data Science, and Computational Biology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
I currently work as a researcher in the Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics at UNCC, as a Data Scientist/Artificial Intelligence Solution Architect for BlueGranite, a Microsoft partner consulting firm focused on delivering Data and AI solutions, and as the Directory of Data Science for HydraFacial, a dermatology medical device company. I am currently located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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  • Mathematics

    Statistical Modeling
    Bayesian Nets
    Operations Research
    Numerical Logic

  • Machine Learning

    Algorithm Design
    Natural Language Processing
    Deep Learning
    Artificial Intelligence

  • Computational Biology

    Human Genomics
    Molecular Sequence Analysis
    Infectious Diseases

  • Distributed Computing

    Apache Spark (Databricks)
    Cluster Computing (MPI/SNOW)
    GPU-Based Processing (CUDA)
    High Performance Computing

  • Programming

    Visual Basic

  • Web and Design

    API Development

  • Genomics, Phylogenetics, Infectious Diseases


    Shiny web application for visualizing disease transmittion networks from phylogenetic trees.

    Strainhub is designed as a web-based software to generate disease transmission networks and associated metrics from a combination of a phylogenetic tree and a metadata associated file. The software maps the metadata onto the tree and performs a parsimony ancestry reconstruction step to create links between the associated metadata and enable the construction of the network.

  • Genomics, Infectious Diseases

    Genetic Capitalism in E. coli

    Persistence of Genes that Confer Antimicrobial Resistance in the History of Escherichia coli Genomes

  • Genomics, Infectious Diseases

    P. vivax EBP Positive Selection Analysis

    Positive selection analysis of the erythrocyte binding protein in P. vivax as it relates to malaria infections.

  • R Package


    Easily output package citations and tidy session information for reproducibility in research publications.

  • R Package


    R functions for interfacing with the Microsoft Genomics service in Azure.

  • R Package


    A patchwork of efficient and tidy multidimensional data operations.

  • Human Genomics, Phylogenetics

    An Integrated Phylogeographic Analysis of the Bantu Migration

    Using phylogenetic analysis, dimensionality reduction, and machine learning, a combined migratory model of the Bantu migration was formed with heterogeneous data.

  • R Package, Genomics


    Parallel Implementations of the Empirical Bayesian Elastic Net Cross-Validation in R.

  • Human Genomics, Phylogenetics, Linguistics

    Visualizing Linguistic Disparity of Uto-Aztecan Languages and Bantu Languages

    Using unsupervised learning for dimensionality reduction and visualization.

  • Phylogenetics, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases

    Spread of Middle East Respiratory Coronavirus: Genetic versus Epidemiological Data

    Analysis and visualzation of the WHO reports of MERS infections versus genomic data.

  • Human Genomics, Machine Learning

    MPS-IIIB/NAGLU Prediction

    PolyPhen2 + Machine Learning prediction of the effects of genetic mutations on mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB.


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